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Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to Blog land!

Ok, I will admit I have been sucking at posting. However, I promise I will be trying harder. I'm going to be showcasing my closet makeover, which Kristen from Working Woman's Guide to Domestic Success has helped me with. She gave me some great ideas and I plan to start purging this week and maybe next weekend we can buy some of the organizing tools Kristen suggested. Yesterday, we went to the Hollywood Farmer's Market and we got some great Whole Wheat Honey Oat bread, which has inspired me to make some. When I do I will post here. So, here are some ideas I have for upcoming posts (hopefully once a week if I can get my act together):

  • Recipes or tutorials for foods I make
  • Special Bethenny Recipe section (since I'm loving everything Bethenny Frankel, I'll showcase some of her recipes here as I try them myself)
  • Crafts, the usual and since the super decor holidays are coming up I should have some great projects to feature
  • Printables (this is new for me, if I find great, useful stuff in Blog Land I want to share it)
  • Living in Los Angeles, as we go to new place or eat at new restaurants I hope to review stuff here
Ok, those are my goals for now. Let's see if I can make this happen at least once a week!

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