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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Restaurant Review: Casa Vega

Tonight we went to Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks with our friends. This is the same Casa Vega featured on Bravo TV's Flipping Out. On the show, one of Jeff Lewis's remodeling projects on the Show is Casa Vega. At this point in the season, Jeff is remodeling the lobby and there is a lot of drama around the fixtures and the deadline (they want to have it finished by Cinco de Mayo, but it's not going to happen). I've gotta say the lobby is TINY! How much did that remodel cost? Jeff Lewis is not cheap and for that tiny lobby I'm not sure it was worth it. It looks like the filming we're watching right now took place a while ago, from what I saw there hasn't been much progress made. I remember Jeff Lewis's goal was to do a good job on the lobby so he could get the job on remodeling the rest of the place, but I didn't see much progress on the rest of the restaurant, so maybe Jeff Lewis was fired from the Casa Vega? Anyways on to the drinks and food...

  • Between us, we had margaritas, the house margarita, cadillac margarita (this one was nice and stiff) and a mango variety ... all delicious!
  • We started with the Fresco Guacamole with flour tortilla chips, WOW the chips were great and the guacamole wasn't bad either
  • We had the Lobster Enchilada, Combination #1: beef taco and chicken enchilada, Carne Asada Burrito and Mole. Everyone thought the food was good
  • I personally had Combination #1 and it was good, but not great. Austin had the Lobster Enchiladas and he says the enchilada itself was simple, but good tasting, the lobster meat was delicious and so was the sauce. The rice and beans weren't that good (I agree) and the overall plate was OK, but wasn't served hot. It seemed like the food had been waiting a while to be served, which was crazy since we waited an hour and 15 minutes to be seated. 
If your a fan of Flipping Out I think it's totally worth it to check out this place. If you're not, think twice. The fact that we had to wait so long to be seated, get a drink and get served, wasn't worth it for the quality of the food. It was nice because we were in good company, if we hadn't been we would have been bored. Overall it was a good experience because we are fans of the show.

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