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Friday, November 19, 2010

Domenico's: Silverlake

Yesterday was our five year anniversary and we celebrated at Domenico's in Silverlake. First Austin, got me these lovely roses and a card: 

We headed out sometime after 7 and got there around 7:30, parking was an issue. Anyone who's ever been to Silverlake knows that parking is a serious issue so we were prepared. Once we got there we were greeted by Domenico himself. The place itself is pretty small, but it was a cold Tuesday evening and there were a couple tables open inside.
I got the Ravioli con Ricotta with Salsa San Marzano and Arugula and Austin got the Risotto Pomodoro Piselli e Langostina, a tomato risotto with fresh peas, rock shrimps and prawn. Austin originally wanted Risotto Pocini, but they were out of mushrooms.

The ravioli was fresh and very good, but I didn't looooove the Salsa San Marzano, it was a little too citrusy for me. Austin said that the risotto was delicious although expensive because it only came with one prawn, but that one prawn tasted fresh and was delicious.

For dessert we had the Souffle di Chocolato and it was delicious, it came with cream and ice cream

All in all, we would come back for another special occassion only due to the price. We do, however want to try the $16/person brunch on Sundays!

Have a great weekend!

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