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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm baaaaaackkkk!!!

Hey there! Been off the blogosphere (posting-wise anyways) for nearly a year, but I'm baaaaackkk!!! Last post was February 13th, since then we spent the year mostly doing the same old, same old. We kept exploring LA, started shopping for our first home, ate at all kinds of yummy foods at new places, I kept knitting and working on all kinds of crafts. I also took a trip to Uruguay in April and we spent a week in Cabo during the summer.

Other highlights included finding my new fave restaurant Escuela Taqueria (I'll post in detail next time I'm there). The biggest and best thing that happened at the end of 2011 is that we bought OUR FIRST HOME!!! I've always wanted this blog to be about fixing up your home and really making a house a home, so that's what I'll be doing. I'll keep telling you about craft ideas, giving recipes, posting about restaurants and knitting projects and whatever life brings. We are so excited and will be posting many posts about the new place in Culver City soon.  Can't wait to explore Culver City, home renovation and the joys of homemaking this year with you!
Sneak Peak of our living room

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