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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Around this Place

Hey there!!
Well, I don't have too many pictures because es place, pre-Stephanie's touch, because I wasn't around much those first couple weeks. First thing we did was put drywall over the popcorn ceiling, we hired a few guys to do that and Austin supervised. Second, the place got all new paint, ceiling included, and Austin supervised that too. Then we started moving in some stuff and by the new year we put down wood floors in the two bedrooms and, well, I was busy helping with that so I didn't take any pictures. Today I'll start a series of posts walking you through Canterbury (that's the street we live on and how I refer to this place). When you first walk in you're in the living room and so it seems fitting to start here.
So first up, the living room!!

I wanted a wall to pop in the living room, so we painted the wall behind the TV this beautiful shade of blue from Martha Stewart's Home Depot collection. I'm slowly trying to incorporate some coastal stuff since we're a short drive from the beach. I bought a few new pillows in light blue and green from Pottery Barn and incorporated some of the sea shells from our trips to Mexico and Uruguay.

I'm so in love with how the blue turned out

This is a view from the hallway into the kitchen

See some seashells to the left of the lamp?

Close up of shells on the TV console

Remember my beloved console?

Check out a close up of some new stuff that now lives on the console. I got these three things from my last trip to Uruguay. I bought the camera at a faire in downtown Montevideo and collected the keys in the hurricane throughout my trip. The tango dancers are made of different sized screws, I bought this decor from a street vendor in Buenos Aires, pretty cool.

That's it for now!

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