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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Round Up

--Bike around our neighborhood
--My Happy Casa Challenge.
--Take a look at a couple of the LA knit shops. We actually checked out two shops in Santa Monica, Wildfiber and Compatto. Below are some pictures of some yarn I picked up.
--Check out Groundwork Coffee Company. We actually went to LA Mill Coffee Company in Silverlake. There coffee as awesome! We also got to see Jake Gylenhall and Cougartown's Busy Phillps
-- Relax!

-- Cleaned up around the house.
-- Try to wipe down the kitchen appliances, per Happy Casa Challenge. I deep cleaned the entire kitchen and gave the appliances a good scrub down so I can report back that I completed the extra part of the challenge, yay!!
-- Go back to Santa Barbara for reunions with Friends and a good time.

-- Bike-- Relax!
-- Watch Sex and the City 2. The movie was very good!

We had a wonderful three day weekend. I picked up some nice goodies at the Santa Monica knit shops. I decided to make another Ruffle Scarf with the Rowan Cotton blend and a silved yarn I picked up in New York. Here's some pictures of the yarn I picked up in Santa Monica.

Santa Barbara was absolutely wonderful. We got to see all the people we love and got to eat the foods we love and I picked up 4 cupcakes at my favorite Montecito cupcake shop, Whodidily!
Have a great week everyone!!

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